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CST Competition – Blades for Demanding Spearfishermen

Are you in search of blades that will provide you with incredible thrust and withstand the most challenging conditions in spearfishing? Allow us to introduce you to CST Competition blades, the result of years of development and testing by the Croatian national spearfishing team (which has won top honors in international competitions over the past decade).

The Perfect Choice for Competitive Spearfishermen and Professionals

CST Competition blades are true competitive tools that will deliver top-notch performance in all conditions. These all-round blades provide outstanding thrust, especially when resurfacing at depths exceeding 30 meters, which is crucial for diver safety. Moreover, these fins are ideal for shallow water diving, where spearfishermen often spend up to 7 hours without excessive strain on leg muscles and joints.

Exceptional Durability and Reliability

CST Competition blades are designed with exceptional durability in mind. Extensive testing and use by experienced spearfishermen who dive more than 200 days a year, for several hours a day, have proven that these blades maintain their performance after more than 5 years of use. The thrust they provide even after this time is almost identical to the first day, which is an extremely rare quality among carbon blades.

An Investment for the Future

CST Competition blades are more than just blades – they are an investment. If you are a demanding spearfisherman who expects top performance (thrust and power), comfort, and durability, these blades are the ideal choice for you. You can use them for years without worrying about their reliability or comfort.

Let CST Competition blades become your secret weapons in spearfishing. Get them today and experience the difference in your diving experience.

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